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Custom Aerosol now accepts credit cards for payment

Custom Aerosol is now offering aerosol can filling systems for those customers who wish to package their own paint or coatings. For more information on this equipment, please click here.

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A credit application must be completed, submitted and approved prior to Custom-Aerosol shipping on open account. For a copy of our credit application, please print and complete the form found here, sign it, and then FAX it back to us at (972) 382-4324 or email it to Clint Hooper. Your request will be processed quickly and the information you provide will be held in strictest confidence.

Our minimum order requirements are:

Package Minimum/Multiple Order
2 ounce bottle 12 bottles (1 case) per color
1/4 pint bottle ounce bottle 12 bottles (1 case) per color
aerosol cans
6 oz. or 16 oz. (by volume)
12 cans (1 case) per color
paint pens 25 pens per color
bulk packages
(pints, quarts, gallons)
2 pints minimum per color

Custom labeling is available, too, for specifics please ask.

Material Safety Data Sheets and Product Information Sheets for the various coatings and propellants used by Custom Aerosol Products are available for download on our "Products" page.

Click here for MSDS info

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This page last updated: September 19, 2016

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